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Eyedrops for dry eyes – one solution fit all?

Dry eye is an inflammatory disease that may be caused by injury, infection, or irritation. It may be a result of aging, certain medications, a medical condition, eye surgery, or environmental factors, such as smoky or windy conditions.
If you are suffering from dry eyes, most likely, you are not alone. Currently between 16 million and 49 million Americans have dry eyes. This is between 5-15% of the population. And with a whole new generation glued to screens, this number is expected to grow.


What are the common dry eyes symptoms?

The symptoms of dry eyes can be varied. Some people may feel like they have grit in their eyes or that they are itchy whilst others may feel a burning sensation. When suffering, it may feel like you have watery eyes, vision may become blurred and eyes may go red. In addition, the sufferer may become sensitive to light and stringy mucus may come out of the corner of the eyes.


How can you combat dry eyes?

There are some things that can be done to alleviate the symptoms or reduce their instances.
Eye drops can provide a temporary relief by lubricating dry eyes and helping maintain moisture on the outer surface of your eyes. These artificial tears are designed to relieve dry eyes by simply wetting the eyes, but they can’t prevent tear evaporation, which means a person suffering from dry eyes has to keep applying them regularly, sometimes, several times a day.
There are also other kinds of eye drops including steroid and antibiotic, that a qualified practitioner might prescribe based on the exact symptoms that are presented.
It’s important to understand that while eye drops treat the aqueous layer, they do not treat the inflammation or the evaporation of the tears.

What is a recommended option for handling dry eyes?

While eye drops may provide temporary relief for people who experience dry eye symptoms, they can not treat the root cause of the problem; the inflammation. But OptiLIGHT by Lumenis can.
OptiLIGHT is a light-based, non-invasive treatment performed in the area below the eyes to manage dry eyes. Lumenis light therapy is the first and only IPL FDA-approved for dry eye management treatment.

The healing power of light for dry eyes

OptiLIGHT provides an effective and safe treatment that breaks the dry eye vicious circle of inflammation. It is clinically validated to reduce signs of dry eye; improve tear in break up time and restore functionality of meibomian glands.
And it does all this in a treatment regimen of just 4 sessions that take around 15 minutes each, so you can easily integrate it into your hectic lifestyle.
OptiLIGHT is safe, gentle and effective, and is backed by more than 40 clinical studies.

Eye drops OR OptiLIGHT?

Eye drops are inexpensive and can be easily picked up over-the-counter in any drugstore. The problem is that they are ineffective in treating the root cause of dry eyes and you need to use them regularly in order to feel relieved of your dry eyes symptoms.
If you want to deal with the root cause of dry eyes, you might want to consult with your doctor or dry eye clinic and find out more about the immediate and long term benefits of OptiLIGHT.

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